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"You Don't Look Sick"

How may times have your ears had to endure those words? Worse yet, your heart?

It is difficult enough to have to push through your day, wearing your best game face; feeling completely broken inside while smiling on the out.

You pray yourself out of bed, then will yourself out of your front door, to begin what most people assume is “a normal” day.“

Few can understand what it is like to live inside of a body that is constantly at odds with itself. This was my life for over 19 years. However with lifestyle and dietary changes I'm now experiencing medical remission and thriving.

It’s my JOY to support those with Autoimmune Disease in their fight to regain balance! I assist Autoimmune and Chronically Ill patients in identifying and making gentle, sustainable lifestyle shifts.

Let's explore which changes would benefit your individual needs. I have so much to share with you!

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