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So you’ve decided to make some changes in your life. That’s great! 

o often, we have vague goals in our mind of what we wish to accomplish and achieve, but don’t actually know how to get the ball rolling.

When you decided to create a goal for yourself, did you ask yourself what purpose fulfilling that goal would serve? If your goal is to lose weight, WHY do you want to lose weight? If your goal is to write a short story once a week, WHY do you want to do that? Usually, our goals come down to feeling less or more of a specific emotion, like happiness, fulfillment, strength, or confidence.

What emotion would you like to achieve by fulfilling your goal?

Whatever your 'why' write it down and post reminders of it everywhere. Remembering your ‘why’ will be a big part of keeping you motivated to stay on track and continue working through the hard parts of your journey.

Maybe your ‘why’ for losing weight is to be able to run around with your kids or your dog. Maybe your ‘why’ for writing more is to share stories so that other people can read them and feel less alone. Instead of focusing all your attention on ‘what’ you need to do, switch focus to your ‘why.’ This will help you stay strategic in your action steps.. When you have a ‘why’ that’s clear and top of mind at all time, you’ll find that inspiration and motivation are much easier to gather.

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